Khóa học Chứng chỉ TESOL quốc tế

Australian Accredited TESOL Training Course
in association with  SMAZON Company Ltd., Ho Chi Minh City

Training Dates:  June 10-22 (2-week intensive training program)
Training Venue: SMAZON Building, Ho Chi Minh City


Course Price


  • TESOL textbook
  • TESOL workbook
  • Australian Accredited Certificate IV in TESOL
  • Training supplies*
    • Deadline for 50% down payment: between May 10-20*

Course Requirements

  • University graduate with TOR (Transcripts of Records)
  • Teacher or non-teacher graduate with TOR (Transcripts of Records)
  • Teaching experience is a plus
  • Advanced English level or Native Speakers
  • Any previous training/teaching certificate is a plus
  • Personal computer/laptop

Course Benefits

Practice Teaching is a vital part of the course, where you get to apply what you learned from the training and experience first-hand teaching ESL students.

  • Class Observation from experienced ESL Teachers/Trainers gives you an actual overview of how ESL students learn and how to manage your own classroom.
  • Additional coaching and mentoring is available from our LTi Rep, Ms. Judy Garcia as needed – without extra charge.
  • Assistance in finding a teaching job is our promise to you and our priority after the course.
  • You will be Certified as an International ESL Teacher that is ready to teach English as a second language globally/internationally.

Down Payment Policy

  • To be given a slot in the course, you are required to pay 50% directly to LTi Rep, Ms. Judy Garcia in Vietnam
  • This down payment can be sent either via Western Union or bank transfer to LTi Rep, Ms. Judy Garcia who will email you the details.
  • An official receipt will be emailed to you as soon as the payment has been made
  • You will pay the other 50% during the enrollment and orientation in Vietnam

Refund Policy

  • There will be no refund given once the payment has been made
  • No refund applies for both partial and full payment methods.
  • Refund applies only if LTi is not able to conduct the training, for example, there is no trainer available

10695NAT – Certificate IV in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Core Units

To be awarded the full Certificate IV in TESOL and be fully equipped to Teach English to Speakers of Other Languages, you will complete all of the following units:

 All of the below units are to be completed:
TESCIE001 – Create a culturally inclusive learning environment
TESGAE001 – Use the genre approach to teach English
TESTEG001 – Teach English grammar
TESTSP001 – Teach spelling and pronunciation
TESTSE001 – Teach speaking
TESTLE001 – Teach listening
TESTRE001 – Teach reading
TESTWE001 – Teach writing
TESDRF001 – Develop resource files

Elective Units

Certificate IV in TESOL students also complete one (1) of the following elective units:
TESECL001 – Teach ESL to early childhood learners
TESPSL001 – Teach ESL to primary school-aged learners
TESTAL001 – Teach ESL to teenage learners
TESMAD001 – Use music, art and drama in TESOL
TESTEC001 – Use technology to assist ESL learning
TESWWV001 – Work with volunteers in ESL contexts
TESCBC001 – Establish community-based English classes

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